How much do fashion consumers care about sustainability?

We wanted to know how much regular consumers care about the fashion industry's impact on the environment, so we decided to ask.

It turns out they care a lot; of the 500 consumers we surveyed, 99% said that it's at least somewhat important to them that their fashion choices be sustainable.

Will consumers really pay more for more sustainable fashion? How do they judge brands' sustainability initiatives? Download the full report to get these answers and many more.

A tree planted in a roll of yarn being used to knit a sustainable fashion item

What brands can do

Our research shows that consumers in all age groups - and especially those in Gen Z - are aware of the impact of their fashion choices, and are starting to change their habits accordingly.

The fashion brands that thrive will be the ones that can understand how these attitudes are changing and get out ahead of them with meaningful action.


Understand what consumers are thinking

For more information on how consumers are thinking about sustainability in fashion, have a look at our report.