We want to eliminate waste in fashion by redefining the way the industry produces clothes.

A pile of discarded clothing demonstrating there's too much waste in fashion

We're driven by our belief that there's too much waste in fashion

We work with brands to gather insights that help them only produce the things people want to buy. Sometimes we also help them acquire new customers because we believe it's possible for brands to both produce less and sell more. But we wouldn't be doing this if it weren't primarily about our belief that fashion needs to become less wasteful for the sake of our planet.

Fashion must become more customer-centric

A happy woman shopping for fashion

Designing products in a black box and launching them in the hopes people will buy them generates too much waste. Brands must design not only with their customers in mind, but with their customers actively involved in the process. We want to help with that.

A happy small business owner working

We help businesses thrive through tough times

We offer smart ways to predict what will sell, so less cash is tied up in inventory that won't sell. We also support brands in acquiring new customers in a smart and engaging way.

We believe in social and racial justice

Colorful hands intertwined

We are a women-led team, and we strive to include women and other underrepresented groups in helping us build a better future with a less wasteful fashion industry.

A diverse group of hands forming a heart

We believe empathy, honesty, and mission are the backbone of a strong culture

We want to work with people who care about others, who operate with honesty and integrity, and who are as passionate about our mission as we are.