How it works

Find out how Wovn can help fashion brands reduce waste, increase sell-through at full price, free up working capital, and activate and engage new customers.

Best of all, Wovn can help reduce waste, enabling brands to become more sustainable.

1. Define the objectives

Whether you want to test SKU-level popularity between different demographics, price sensitivity, shopping channel preferences, or sentiment, it's all possible.

Wovn will work with you to define your objectives and which audiences you're interested in. Then we'll talk to those audiences to measure their preferences.

2. Survey the target audience

Whether from your own CRM or though social media, we target the exact consumers you want to talk to. We'll narrow down respondents to the right age range, geography, and brand affinity so you know you can trust their responses.

We can also compare your target customers' responses to those of existing customers already on your email list, so you how their preferences diverge and overlap.

3. Generate insights & activate new customers

Wovn's real-time dashboard provides you with insights on how SKUs resonate with different demographics, the price sensitivity and channel preferences of target audiences, and more.

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Let us show you how Wovn can transform your business and make your brand more sustainable.