Real-time predictive insights
for fashion retail

Increase sell-through. Reduce waste.
Activate new customers.

We're your source for real consumer data

We help fashion brands access insights through social media audiences to better predict demand, therefore reducing waste and increasing sales.

By working with influencers, we tap into huge, engaged audiences quickly and efficiently. This lets you gather insights on consumer preferences and activate new customers at the same time.

Learn what your customers want so you can produce the things they want to buy in the right quantities. Then activate them directly when it's time to purchase.


How it works

Define objectives & select influencers

Wovn works with you to define objectives, then identifies influencers with audiences that match your target customer base.

Survey the target audience

Influencers survey audiences on styles in real time to gather consumer preference insights and marketing opt-ins.

Generate insights & new customers

Wovn provides you with insights on how styles resonate as well as details of new customers who have opted in to be contacted by you.

Get real-time actionable insights

Knowing which styles will resonate best with your customers is the key to increasing sell-through at full price, improving margins, and increasing inventory turns.

Use Wovn to put a finger on the pulse of consumer preferences so you can ensure your product development and range planning are successful.

Having real-time access to the right insights helps reduce risk and makes it easier to make the right bets. Wovn can help.

Help the planet and profit margins alike

Of the 100 billion garments produced each year, 20% are never sold. Waste like this isn't just painful for the planet; it's painful for the bottom line.

Consumers are demanding less waste and more transparency from brands. Be a part of the solution by tapping into insights that can help to avoid wasting resources on producing clothes that will never sell.


Take your insights to the next level

Whether you're big or small, we can help.