Consumer fashion shopping trends for 2021

The fashion shopping habits of consumers have changed radically since the beginning of last year.

We wanted to dig into those changes, so we surveyed over 500 consumers to find out how their shopping habits and their views on sustainability have shifted.

Across the board, consumers are spending less - but that's not where the story ends. The data reveal surprising narratives about the specific ways in which consumers are making changes.

A hand holding a clothing shopping bag and face mask

What 2021 holds

Consumers are changing not only their shopping habits but their relationship to clothing and their broader attitudes about consumption and sustainability.

Read the full report to understand these trends and to learn why fashion brands will need to do a better job of listening to their customers and gathering predictive insights in 2021.


Look into the future

For predictions about 2021 consumer fashion shopping trends, have a look at our report.